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Mapping a Non-Humanoid Head to a Human Actor

The high poly for the hippocampus model was done in Mudbox. An error prevented the head mesh from being sculpted, so detail was added mainly in the fins and mouth. These are not baked into the normal maps yet, as I needed to focus on the rig and learning the Dynamixyz software for my thesis. When these are added, this section will be updated.

When I was modeling this, I kept in mind that ultimately it had to be built for facial animation, specifically facial animation originating from a human actor. I tried to keep the typical edge loops you would find on a human face mesh, such as the mask shape around both eyes, and the loops around the mouth and the nostrils. Some adjustments had to be made due to the proportions of the hippocampus. The mask shape had to be expanded to cover the bridge of the nose, and the mouth loops had to account for the increased size of the nostrils. Several edge loops were added around the nostrils by themselves, in order to narrow them and flare them out. Additionally, edge loops were needed around each ear so that they could swivel back and forth appropriately. These had to then blend into the edge flow of the rest of the face, without causing a ton of extra polygons. I would like to go back and add a few extra loops to the neck so that it bends more smoothly, but the face itself is very close to how I planned it to be.

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